Workout of the Day
Workout of the Day
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January 15

Obstacle Fit Bootcamp


30 Minutes to Complete

20 Cals Rower/12 Slam Balls /Tyrulean Traverse/Sled Push/15 Goblet Squats

100 Skips/5 Pull Ups/15 Squat Up Downs/Pinch Grip Lap/12 DB Thrusters

20 Cals AD /Row of Walls with Ball/Spider Crawl Perimeter/24 Walking Lunges With Weights/8 Tire Flip Hop Throughs

20 Cals Treadmil/10 Clean and Press/Traverse Wall/Dip Walk/Warped Wall

Tabata: Popcorn Crunch, Opposite Toe Touch

Strength & Conditioning

Standard warmup:
Bench press

3 rounds:
12/side pancake rotations
10/side plank walk
8/side single arm rows

“Squats, Pull-ups, Presses and a Run” 3 rounds:
12 front squats with a barbell
10 pull-ups
8 push presses.
20 cals of cardio