Workout of the Day
Workout of the Day
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April 30


Warm up – 5 mins

Cardio- Cotton eye joe- Jump squats – 5 mins

45 Secs ON 15 Secs OFF. 6 mins

Jump rope
Jumping jacks
Jump squats
Mountain climbers
Push ups

10 min AMRAP

12 Weighted lunges
12 squat thrusts
12 glute raises
20 plank alternating arm/leg

Sally – choice

Tbt Abs


Strength and Conditioning

Thunderstruck burpees

5 mins Emom:
5 burpees
10 squats
20 mountain climbers- plank til min is over

5 mins Emom: advanced add a rep each round
5 JJ to plank JJ
5 squat thrusts

Of member picks!