Obstacle 101 Workshop

Attendees: 30 people
Time: 120 minutes
Cost: $30.00 + tax per person
Dates: April 30th 10-12pm
June 4th 10-12pm
July 30th 10-12pm

This workshop is designed to give you the confidence to tackle any of the obstacles that an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) will throw at you. Although we cannot mimic each obstacle exactly, we feel that with this workshop you will have the confidence and skills to get the best experience possible at your next race.

We will have a 1-10 ratio of Trainer to client ratio. We will go over the following:


-Monkey Bars


-Rope Climb



This workshop will break down each obstacle and provide you tips and tricks on how to overcome each obstacle. Our goal is to show you to do it, but we cannot magical give you the strength to tackle each obstacle, that you have to build on your own and when you register, you will get a 2 week Grip and Cardio routine that designed by our staff that we feel will give you a good idea of what it will tackle to tackle your race.

We are also hosting a 8 week Obstacle Course Class that is designed specifically for an OCR. This will include field trips to local ski hills for hill training, and classes designed to progressively get you ready for the race.

Look for it on our website.