ObstacleFit Kids (OFK)

ObstacleFit Kids are Awesome Kids

For $120 a month your child can get in the best shape of their lives, and can do so by simply playing.

When you register for the OFK Unlimited program, you will have access to 5 classes per week, simply pick the days you want (those are your days for the month) and you have access to the open gym sessions.

Weekend afternoon to get some much needed shopping done? Imagine parents, you drop off your child for the class, and they can stick around for an open gym afterwards to burn off even more steam! ​Give us a call 613-726-0909 and book your child in for their free trial class.

What is OFK?

ObstacleFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program designed to effectively teach the ObstacleFit methodology to children aged 7-13 years old through age appropriate instruction and cueing. In a group setting kids participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results. This prepares them not only to be well rounded athletes but also awesome people as well. *Kids 14 and older can join our adult classes.

What Makes OFK Different?

OFK workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is varied, inclusive, and totally awesome (VITA) and are scalable for any participants at any level. We base success on effort rather than comparison. These kids are training for life, not a small, sport specific skill set.

Why choose OFK at OCRA?

Our coaches have had background checks and this is renewed annually. Your coach has studied how to teach ObstacleFit to children using age appropriate methods, and have years of experience working with youth under their belt.

Pricing and Information

If you are new and want to try the class, Registration for the following month opens on the 15th, we offer a free trial class during the 1st week of classes of every month (1st - 7th). To register your child for the program you must:

  • 1. Pick a day(s) and time.
    For 7-12 years old
    • Mon-Friday 4:15pm
    • Mon/Wed/Friday at 5:30pm
    • Sat/Sun at 10:15 pm
    For 13-16 years old
    • Tues/Thurs at 5:30
    • Fri @ 6:45pm
    • Sat / Sun at 11:30
  • 2. Confirm membership option
    • 1 Day OFK - Open Gym additional cost
    • 3 Day OFK - 2 Classes plus open gym
    • Unlimited - As many classes as you want plus open gym
  • 3. Fill out a waiver

    Fill out a waiver on our website in the name of your child. For multiple children please use a separate email and password for each child.

  • 4. Contact us

    Contact us to get your child on our list. Remember your first class at the start of the month is on us. Call for details.

Pandemic Procedures

Check out our video here on how we plan to keep your kids safe during this time.


If this is your childs first time at OCRA please fill out a waiver for them. You can visit the schedule for our most up to date availability.