OFK Homeschool Program

OCR Academy’s Homeschool Program is Back.
“It’s fun and challenging for both the parents and the kids, I love training with my kids. I get to set a healthy and realistic goal for my kids to strive to as a healthy and fit parent.”

Actual quote from a member of our community.

From September to June, we are offering a fitness class for those that homeschool their children. Parents are also welcome to join and encouraged to do so. This class is led by the Owner Joshua and his Administrator of Awesome Coach Kathy. Everyone is a sweaty mess afterwards, and the great thing is, everyone had fun while doing it. We are a pro-choice facility and we do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome to come to our facility and feel safe and not judged. If we notice that anyone in our facility is not in alignment of our visions, they will be asked to leave, and no refund will be given. By becoming a member of our community, you agree to adhere to our philosophies.

  • Classes are on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12:45-2pm.
  • Ages 6+ and adults are welcome.
  • 30-40-minute workout class followed by child friendly challenges/free time and a game.

NEW Homeschool Membership Options:

$15 Drop in Fee (First Time ONLY cash or debit)

We are now offering auto memberships for those that have a credit card or certain visa debit cards. Below is a breakdown on how much it will cost PER CHILD. This payment will come out of either your bank account or off your credit card every two weeks. We do not offer make-up classes at the moment.

How it works is that you pick a day you wish to come, that is your day and time for the month, if you wish to change days please let us know 2 weeks in advance via email. If you are away for a week, you let us know we can cancel that week’s payment coming out. For example:

$22 bi weekly / 2 = $11 will be deducted from that bi weekly payment.

You can also cancel the membership at any time, just give us 2 weeks notice in writing. One more payment will likely come out but then the membership will be cancelled.



  • 1 Day/Week Grandfather Membership
    (Reserved for members who have consistently been here in the last 6 months)
    $22 bi-weekly = $11 per class
  • 1 day/week Regular Membership.
    $30 bi-weekly = $15 per class
  • 3 day/week Homeschool Membership
    $66 bi-weekly = $10 per class