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December – Week 3

Happy December!
It is the third week of December! Which means it is strength & explosive week. It gives a chance to the children to learn about the strength they have to push themselves!
‚ÄčOur kids are still young and learning how their bodies move and respond when they need to jump, reach or swing. By breaking down the fundamentals, we are allowing your child to really feel each movement in their body and learn how to cue the proper muscles needed. 

Warm up 
High knees, Butt kicks and arm circles, Side shuffles, frog jumps, star jumps

Week 2

Rudolph- Reindeer Burpees

TBT –   Banded Runners & Shoulder Taps

Countdown Workout:
20 Mountain Climbers
19 Lunges
18 squats
17 jumping jacks
16 high knees
15 box jumps
14 walls (row of walls x 2)
13 double battle ropes
12 120m row
11 bear crawls
10 second deadhang
9 Burpees
8 Cone sprints
7 push ups
6 pull ups
5 Rings 
4 obstacles of choice
3 – 30 second plank
2 weight overheard carry laps (slamball, plate)
1 agility ladder

EMOM 5 mins
5 knee tuck jumps
5 squats
1 sprint lap
plank hold (up down plank if they want harder)


Recap on the muscles learned this month 
Calves, Glutes (Various Glute Muscles), Abs (Various Ab Muscles). 
Identify exercises for each muscle group. 

Recap all the muscles in the body we have learned (At this point its been all major Muscle Groups)

As a group develop two AMRAPS


Grip Obstacle
Chest Exercise
Obstacle that uses legs
Glute Exercise
Hamstring Exercise
Grip Obstacle


Quad Exercise
Obstacle that requires upper body (not a swinging obstacle)
Shoulder Exercise
Bicep Exercise
Obstacle that uses Abs
Calf Exercise