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Week of September 14

Week 2 – Baseline Testing (Home School Only) – Strength and Grip 

HOMESCHOOL ONLY: Testing Week – Kids will be split off by Josh in groups of 3 to complete Baseline test (Homeschool Only)

OFK Core Program to do the following workout

Cotton Eye Joe – Jump Squats

Introduce concept of strength training (building strength in the body to get big strong muscles – 8-12 rep range for kids). Discuss upper body vs lower body vs core strength.

This is a new concept for kids so keep it simple. Ask for an example of an upper body exercise, lower body exercise + core exercise (explain we did some of each last week). We use the AMRAPS to practice our exercises and start building that strength

Explain mind to muscle connection, activating muscle and being aware of which muscles you are using to make sure you are using them correctly. (5 Mins) 

Introduce concept of grip training + different kinds of grip (again keep it simple). Ask kids in class to point out different kinds of grip in the gym (bar, bouldering rock, ball grip, ropes, vertical, etc.). Explain importance of training different kinds of grip and not just bar grip to be great at obstacle course racing. (5 Mins)

Tabata Dead Hang (Each child picks one spot only, but encourage they try different kinds of grip – overhand, underhand etc.)


AMRAP 1 – 8 Mins 

10 Hand Release Pushups

Pinch Grip Lap

Row of Walls

10 Lunges

Apply Liquid Chalk – Run Lap

Monkey Bars

AMRAP 2 – 8 Mins

10 Squat to Reverse Lunge

Weighted Carry Lap

Ninja Steps + Warped Wall

10 Box Dips

Rope Climb (Rope up/downs)

5 Mins Animal Flow

  • Beast / Loaded Beast / Beast / Scorpion x 5 Each Side / Beast / Crab Reach x 5 Each Side
  • Repeat cycle 3 times

10 Mins Free Time – Homeschool Only – OFK if there is time

Stretching and Mat Cleaning 

Week 2 ELITES:

Stays with core group to listen to introduction and does tabata grip

Split off into pairs to run baseline testing

Afterwards they have the following:

Buy In:

50 Squats

40 Bike Crunches

30 Lunges

20 Sit Ups

10 Burpees

Obstacle Course Run: Traverse Wall, Balance Beams, Row of Walls, Rope Climb, Row of Rings, Green Rig, Monkey Bars, Orange Rig, Multi Rig, Ninja Steps, Warped Wall

Buy Out:

10 Burpees

20 Sit Ups

30 Lunges

40 Bike Crunch

50 Squats