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Week of September 21

Week 3 – Further Testing (Homeschool Only) + Explosiveness and Speed

HOMESCHOOL ONLY: Testing Week – Kids will be split off by Josh in groups of 3 to complete Baseline test (Homeschool Only)

OFK Core Program to do the following workout

Thunderstruck – Burpees

Introduce concept of explosiveness – Generating maximum force in minimal time

Provide examples of explosiveness in exercising (Box Jumps, Jump Squats, Jump Lunges)

Ask for kids to provide examples of explosiveness in the gym (5 Mins) 

Introduce concept of speed and agility (not only running but also in movements throughout obstacle course racing and in OCRA) while speed is important to be fast, agility (nimbleness; ability to move the limbs quickly, change direction, etc) is important to have efficient movements and to complete the course quickly. Especially when there are things such as trails etc. (5 Mins)

Tabata Coloured Cones – Call out colloured cones for quick direction changes (Each square has 4 diff coloured cones)


AMRAP 1 – 8 Mins

Jog Lap with Agility Ladder and Ninja Steps

10 Jump Lunges

Row of Walls

10 Box Jumps (Set boxes up along green rig – Wood boxes or short soft boxes only! No black boxes!)

10 Toe to Ball Taps (Give every box a ball, doesn’t matter weight)

AMRAP 2 – 8 Mins

Jog Lap with Balance Beam and Ninja Steps

6 Wreck Bag Hop Over + Green Lebert Bar Unders (Set Up Along Turf)

10 Jump Squats

Warped Wall

Traverse Wall

Flower Plank Up/Downs

10 Mins Free Time – Homeschool Only – OFK if there is time


Week 3 ELITES:

Stays with core group to listen to introduction and does tabata

Discuss other explosiveness exercises with weights. KB Swings, Thrusters, Slam Balls, Clean and Press

Exercises to teach:

Kettlebell Swings and Single Arm Clean and Press

  • Have them pick appropriate weights and go over form

WOD – 3 Rounds – 12 Minutes

Jog Lap

Row of Walls

12 Kettlebell Swings

Liquid Chalk Lap

Green Rig

10/Arm Clean and Press

Traverse Wall

Back in time for Flower Plank Up/Downs