OFK Workout of the Day

Ready to get your fit on?

Week of September 7

Week 1 – Re-introduction to Fitness Basics Squats/Plank/Pushup/Sit Up Review

Welcome new kids – explain the upcoming program and that we will be doing fitness testing in week 2 and 3 (Homeschool Only)

Do Dynamic Warm Up

Review proper form for Squats, Pushups, Planks and Sit Ups

For Practice

Tabata Squats / Pushups

Flower Planks and Sit Ups

AMRAP 1 – 8 Mins

Jog Lap – Sanitize hands before they leave to jog 

Traverse Wall – Each athlete will take a different side of wall and will sanitize hands after the obstacle. 

10 Squats

10 Lunges

Apply Liquid Chalk and then Run Lap

Row of Walls 

AMRAP 2 – 8 Mins 

Jog Lap – Apply liquid chalk beforehand so ready for monkey bars

Monkey Bars

10 Pushups

10 Plank Hip Dips

Apply Liquid chalk and do a lap

Row of Rings (One lane only – Move kids who are doing exercises under the row of rings lane to spot in the centre of the black mat)

Simon Says – 5 Mins – Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks, Squats, Shoulder Taps

If you lose: Plank Hold

10 Minutes Free Time – Homeschool Only – OFK if there is time

Stretch and Clean Mat

Week 1 ELITES:

Split Off after Dynamic Warm Up

Muscles of the Body Recap

Talk about various major muscle groups and have the kids suggest exercises to work out those groups and build your own AMRAPS for that class

Each AMRAP (8 mins each) should include 3 exercises and 2 obstacles (the same obstacles as the core OFK class for that week)

Discuss goals for future of the program and explain the testing that will happen the following weeks. Testing will happen every day so they can have more than one shot and will be graded so they can re-test at the end of the semester.

Finish Up in Time for Simon Says with rest of class