Meet Our Team

OCR employs a bunch of people from different ages and walks of life, here's our current trainers
Joshua – Founder, Owner

Joshua – Founder, Owner

Joshua was raised as a foster child who believed he was worth just 20$ a day. He had no full-time support team at home, he was a high school dropout, a booze hound, and a pill popping criminal who spent time in Innes Detention Centre. At his absolute lowest, he even contemplated suicide. He was lost and had no sense of purpose. Fast forward to 2009 when he found fitness. Yes, it’s corny, but in his personal experience, the combination of a healthy diet and healthy living, gave him the tools to transform himself from an unhealthy 210lb – 25% body fat, to a lean 175lbs and 13% body fat. No formal training, no education, just a simple mindset. 

“I now love myself enough, I love this life and I want to change.” 

Anything that is fueled by anger or hate usually doesn’t last. He had to change his mindset towards himself and his life. He had to change some of the life traps he was facing and develop discipline to match his new-found passion for fitness. In doing so, he discovered his purpose. 

What he found was Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in particular the Spartan Race. 

“It’s funny, this fitness thing brought me places I never would have gone when I was on the sauce. Places all over the world like New York and Texas to attend OCR races, and because I never got to go to high school trips, now I can through my passion.” 

Joshua started off as a racer, then a volunteer, and eventually an employee for the Eastern Canadian Spartan Franchise. Traveling all over Eastern Canada building an obstacle course all while doing market research. After his time with the Spartan brand he developed discipline and he decided that the fitness game needed to change. People wanted a new way to get in shape. After every race he would speak to racers, asking how they liked it, almost all of their responses were “I love this race, but I really wish there was somewhere I could go train”. That’s when the OCRA dream began and not because he wanted to be a capitalist, but because he wanted to practice the principle of reciprocity, he wanted to be an educator. He wanted to take something like fitness and health which can be very difficult for most and make it so people can understand it and make it fun. He wanted to inspire change, he wanted to help those who are in their darkest days to learn that they too can overcome life’s challenges  “one obstacle at a time.”

He believes that we are all a reflection of those that we surround ourselves with and that we either win or learn, we never lose. 

If you want to hear more of Joshua’s story or would like him to speak at an event, you can request him to attend your seminar at

Karine Vaillancourt – Nutritionist –
​My love of food and science came together as I was searching for a new challenge.  I have been a laboratory technician for 14 years now and I love what I do but I wanted to expand my knowledge and really dive into the very elaborate and ever changing world of nutrition.  I decided to take a leap and sign up for a course and now I am a 2016 graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  

For me nutrition is a way of life, a way to feed not only your body but to understand that you really are what you eat.  Everybody is very unique when it comes to nutrition and my goal is to help my clients achieve a better lifestyle by making better food choices and realizing that food is not just fuel but has the power to heal.  

I currently work with clients who are complaining of headaches, weight gain, digestive upsets, intestinal upsets, aches, depression, anxiety, sexual health and much more.  Essentially I specialize in re-balancing your body system in order to feel more energized and improve overall health and well being, bringing mind and body together.

Coach Graves
Coach Graves
Coach Graves – Movement & Lifestyle Coach

Coach Graves sees health and fitness as an essential part of everyday life. 

Many people spend their days going from point a to point b without much thought about how they are moving. However, this can lead to dysfunction in a number of ways, putting people in a vicious cycle of poor movement patterns.  Poor movement leads to pain, fear of movement, disuse, and deconditioning. As a coach, it is my goal to teach you effective and efficient movement, to prepare you for the physical demands of everyday life. 

You and coach Graves achieve this goal by focusing primarily on skill acquisition, targeting poor movement patterns, and finding alternatives to suboptimal lifestyle choices. 

Throughout the coaching process, physical assessments and skill acquisition will give you measurable benchmarks to track your progress.

As a coach, Graves offers unique and tailored sessions to each client helping them achieve their personal physical goals. 

The process starts with a three step approach:

  • Step one, CONSULTATION where you and coach Graves will go into detail about your relevant health and fitness history, as well as your wants and goals for the program. The consultation will act as the initial benchmark for both you and coach Graves to see if you are a good fit for the program. 
  • Step two, will be the initial PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT, where we can get a framework of where you are physically, in terms of your mobility, strength and conditioning, as well as a set of basic measurements and metrics to monitor progress. 
  • Step three, is a one on one TRAINING SESSION with coach Graves, where you will get a feel for the training approach.

This three step approach is offered complimentary to all new clients, with no obligation of future commitment to coaching. 

Now you may be asking yourself why coach Graves?

Who is coach Graves?

Coach Graves’ methodology is unique and built upon years of experience, education, and experimentation with different fitness models, sports, and philosophies.  As a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, having served as a light infantry soldier of the 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment, coach Graves is no stranger to adversity or pushing physical and mental limits. Graves has seen first hand how poor movement patterns destroy soldiers’ careers. However, you don’t need to be a soldier to destroy yourself with poor movement or unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

Coach Graves believes in an approach of humility and constant improvement.

With that in mind, coach Graves is always looking to refine his art with whatever tools and skills he can acquire, using scientific literature, books, films, and courses, among other things.

Coach Graves is a certified Level 1 MovNat instructor.

Feel free to reach out for a consultation at:

Join the Team

We are looking for an awesome individual who is available evening and weekends, to work for us you must posses the following attributes:

  • Posses fitness and obstacle course knowledge
  • Be computer literate
  • Be a self starter (like actually, "what do I do now, or There is nothing to do" should not be part of your vocabulary)
  • CPR Certified
  • Be allowed to work with kids
  • Be awesome
  • Be available evenings and weekends

We are looking for someone who can work 24 hrs a week for kids class, open gym, and group parties.

If you are awesome, please forward your resume and explain why you would want to work for him at his gym.