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OCRA Full Day Camp

OCRA Full Day Camps registration is now open

Overcoming summertime boredom one obstacle at a time. Here at OCR Academy we are bringing back recess. Kids are designed to run, jump, climb, swing and crawl. They are not meant to sit in front of a screen all day. That is where we come in. At our OCR Academy camp its like any other camp, except we incorporate our obstacle course.

Camp Cost

$285 per week plus taxes.

How to register

To Register for camp, please head over to our schedule page here and select the week you wish for your child to attend by clicking the sign up button. It will give you an option for a 4 day week or full week. To purchase this you must have a waiver filled out in the name of your child first (If you are a returning member, no need to fill out another one, but you will need to know the email and password you used to sign in. If you do not remember, give us a call and we can help you this). You can fill out a waiver here once this is complete you can now purchase a camp week. By doing this you will reserve the spot for your child in that week.

How it will work in our new normal

We have divided our 6,000sqf gym into 4 sections. Each section will have 1 instructor for every 10 kids, our goal is to keep the 4 groups separated during the day. We will be keeping the kids in each age group, 7-9 years old and 10-12 years old. If you have a 13 year old that is ok with hanging out with 10 year olds, then they can register. If you have family members that do not fit in the age category (for instance a 7 year old and a 10 year old) we can make sure on camp week that they are paired accordingly. We have had 14 year olds in the past, but history has shown that they do not have the best time as that's a tricky age where kids seem to like independence and the idea of hanging out with 10 year olds just is not appealing. Everyday weather pending we will be heading outside for 75-90 mins where we will be enjoying a splash pad (Sumer time) at local park as well as other outside related games.

Drop off and Pick up locations

  • Drop off/pick up, are between the hrs of 8:30am-9:00am and 4:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Managers will be present to supervise drop off and pick up and to help direct parents and campers
  • Everyone will enter the same door and will use the Exit door on the loading dock where the orange rig is located, both are facing East.
  • Our staff will have a table set up outside for campers drop off. For pick up please enter the front of the building and we will notify your child that you are here and you both will leave via the Exit door beside the warped wall.
  • Registration will be available online and or over the phone.

Health & Safety

  • If your child has a fever or has had one in the last 48 hrs please stay home, we can all agree that if you're sick, please stay home.
  • Campers or staff who are exhibiting symptoms of illness may not be permitted into the facility. Those who exhibit signs or symptoms of illness during the program will be isolated from the group and sent home immediately. Others in the group will be notified immediately.
  • All participants must meet the minimum age requirement of 7 years. We will accept those who are turning 7 during the summer months. Star Gymnastics in the same building has a great camp for kids 5-12 year old.

What To Bring

  • Lunch (please make sure there are adequate snacks, with all the activity kids can get very hungry).
  • 1-2 water bottles (we can refill here if needed)
  • Change of clothing. Sweat/mess will happen, so we want to make sure your child is comfortable.
  • Sunscreen/hat.