We sell coffee, OCR coffee

We get our coffee from Brown bag coffee they use Fluid Bed roasting.  Traditional roasters use a drum roaster.  This is a giant, double drum that is heated externally to the internal drum itself.  Inside the internal drum is paddles which agitate the coffee during roasting.   Fluid Bed roasting has only a single moving […]

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Spartan Fit Warrior workout

The owner of Spartan Fit boot camp from Sainte-Julie, QC are hosting a 90-min team-basedWarrior Workouts elevate the combattant spirit in you through a diversity of creative and intense challenges that will enhance your physical endurance, mental performance and psychological resilience. Meant to give you taste of what a Warrior Endurance race event is, this

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Festival Obstacle Course

With popular OCR’s (obstacle course races) like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and Mud Hero, as well as TV shows like “American Ninja Warrior” and “Wipeout” promoting extreme challenges, obstacle courses are on the rise. Grueling physical races designed for adults create an atmosphere that’s both competitive and collaborative. The course I have is a retired structure from Spartan

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