OCR-Kid-Reaching over obstacle

Unleashing Potential:

Unleashing Potential Empowering Children Through Physical Exercise and Resilience In a world where safety concerns often lead parents to instinctively shield their children from physical risks, it’s crucial to examine the unintended consequences of overprotectiveness. The book “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt sheds light on the detrimental effects […]

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OCR Academy - Josh Superhero Pose

Superhero pose and CBT

We at OCR Academy encourage our students to assume the Super Hero pose whenever we are starting an exercise. What is the Super hero pose? Hands on hip shoulders down and back with your chin slightly down. The Montare Behavioral Health did a study that showed that 86% of the students who were in a

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Group Fitness Trainer Now Hiring - OCR Academy(1)

Now Hiring – Group Fitness Trainer

OCR Academy Empowering Young Minds and Bodies: Building Adversity, Resilience, Consistency, and Confidence Through Obstacle Course Fitness.  At OCR Academy our mission is to create a nurturing environment where children not only develop physical fitness but also cultivate invaluable life skills. We believe that by instilling the principles of adversity, resilience, consistency, and confidence through

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We sell coffee, OCR coffee

We get our coffee from Brown bag coffee they use Fluid Bed roasting.  Traditional roasters use a drum roaster.  This is a giant, double drum that is heated externally to the internal drum itself.  Inside the internal drum is paddles which agitate the coffee during roasting.   Fluid Bed roasting has only a single moving

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Spartan Fit Warrior workout

The owner of Spartan Fit boot camp from Sainte-Julie, QC are hosting a 90-min team-basedWarrior Workouts elevate the combattant spirit in you through a diversity of creative and intense challenges that will enhance your physical endurance, mental performance and psychological resilience. Meant to give you taste of what a Warrior Endurance race event is, this

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Obstacle 101 Workshop

Attendees: 30 peopleTime: 120 minutesCost: $30.00 + tax per personDates: April 30th 10-12pmJune 4th 10-12pmJuly 30th 10-12pm This workshop is designed to give you the confidence to tackle any of the obstacles that an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) will throw at you. Although we cannot mimic each obstacle exactly, we feel that with this workshop

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