75$ Per Week


Lunch Options

Cost: $15 per day per child

Choose from our delicious lunch options, and feel free to mix and match throughout the week:

  1. Chicken Strips and Fries – Includes veggies and a treat
  2. Chicken Samosas – Includes veggies and a treat
  3. Cheese Pizza – Includes veggies and a treat

Snack Options

Cost: Additional $5 per day

Select from our healthy and tasty snack choices:

  • Fruit Bowl with Nutella Swirls
  • Veggies and Hummus
  • MadeGood Bar and Fishy Crackers

How to Order

To secure a lunch or snack package, please contact us in writing or over the phone with your options for the week. You can mix and match as desired.

Once purchased, you must communicate your selected options either at the time of reservation or when we send out our camp email reminder on the Monday prior to the upcoming week of camp. For example, if camp starts on June 24th, we will send the reminder email on June 17th.

Upon confirmation, we will add this information to your child’s profile and include it in our supply run shopping list.