OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 5 Fear of Failure

Fear of failure

Fear is the result from an attempt. 

What if some of the greatest teams didn’t show up for the championship because there was a chance they may fail. What if some of the athletes never took a shot or a pass because they were at a risk they might not complete it? 

There is always a risk associated with trying something. But there’s also a reward when you discover what you are doing works. You will never know that when you are staying in a state of fear of failure. We are not motivating leadership gym, but if this message is speaking to you, then what we are trying to do worked, because we took the risk. 

If we focused on no one is going to read this, they are going to find holes in this and call us out, but that’s us focusing on other peoples opinion, and we do not need that to validate our own worth. Without risk there is no reward. 

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