OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 7 Anger


Feeling anger is fine. What makes it toxic is when you don’t break it down and understand why you are angry. 

Losing your cool is like driving a car without your hands on the wheel while driving in fog. What do you think is going to happen? To regain control, you need to put your hands back on the wheel, slow down, and take control. 

Anger is the enemy of progress. Try focusing on why you are angry, take a timeout if you need to. Once you determine why you are angry, try and find a positive way to express why you feel that way. Maybe you are angry because you are jealous, insecure, or afraid? Why are you feeling those emotions and why is that someone else’s fault? You are only in control of how you respond. 

Look back on when you were angry by someone else’s actions or by your own. Reflect and see how you could have handled that with a positive mindset, and see how you grew from that. The more times you do that, just by instinct, when you are angry again, hopefully you have tools that can help you be the emotional leader that you would want to be in that situation. 

Sometimes just simply saying “it is what it is, how can I move forward out of this emotional hole I am in” is enough. 

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