OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 8 Self Doubt

Self Doubt

Self doubt stems from a fear of failure can come from lack of confidence, and a feeling that you cannot accomplish something so you won’t even try. Your attitude affects your altitude. Your beliefs inform the thoughts you think and the actions you take. 

Looking back is good for us to reflect on what we have overcome, and gain confidence from. Remember some of your hardest days as a teenager or as a kid? Ask yourself, if the same things affected you then, will they affect you the same way today? We hope not, as you have hindsight and confidence as you know you got through it and are here now as a result of the adversity you have overcome. 

That is why it is so important for us to do hard stuff carefully as you can grow from that. We all have an alter ego, so try and materialize that as a person in your house. Talk to that person as if they are in the room. “I do not like how you make me feel, you talk about my body and abilities like I am below you, and I can’t grow, so if you are able to stay, change that tune, or I will have to ask you to go. 

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