OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 9 Blame


Blame – kids point fingers and blame others. 

Adults (well some adults, not everyone, but let’s not compare 🙂 accept responsibility, they own it, learn from it and move forward. 

Blaming others is a good way to put yourself in an emotional hole. The discomfort of owning your mistakes, growing from it will help you become emotionally resilient and emotionally strong AF. 

Rather than looking for the easy way out and deflecting or blaming others. Think of being emotionally uncomfortable like how you may feel after a workout. You may be weaker in the moment right after an epic workout, but when you heal, your body will become stronger. 

So will your emotional self, the more you are willing to be uncomfortable in the spirit of growth, the more you will grow. Remember nothing comes easy when you are comfortable. 

Think about when others who were clearly in the wrong, how would you feel if that person deflected, used excuses to validate why they acted the way they did? Vs owning it, accepting the consequence and being slightly uncomfortable? Showing you that they are aware of what they did and will learn from it so they won’t make the same mistake twice. That’s a person we would want in our tribe. 

The blame game really keeps us emotionally immature. 

I could be as big and strong as Chris Hemsworth if I had a nutritionist, a PT, $$.. well guess what, some of our staff have that and I don’t see no Chris Hemsworth’s walking  around, again, excuses are tools used by those who think that winning or accomplishing something happens by accident. 

When you start using excuses, try and ask yourself the hard questions:

Am I using the tools available to you? Am I  going to the gym and giving my best? 

When you ask your nutritionist for help, are you ACTUALLY doing the work? 

Blaming circumstances does not put you in a position to do your best. Be better. 

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