OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 1 Jealousy


Wishing to be someone else or have something that they have is a waste of your mental energy. With this thought process you’re already putting yourself into a hole. Focusing on critiquing other people means you can’t focus on what you have. Comparison is the thief of joy (Theodore Roosevelt)

Jealousy just makes you feel bad and you can indirectly project that energy onto other people. That’s a lot of energy wasted on hate, why not convert that energy into something positive, give something to your environment that makes people around you feel better about themselves. Did you know JK Rowling has more $ then the queen? 

That just feels good that someone is rich because of what they gave to the world, and not what their last name is. Instead of hating on people for what they have, spend time acknowledging that they put in the hard work and because of that, they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Now I’m comparing JK to the queen which I understand is contradicting to my point, the Queen I’m sure has done some great things, and not so great things, I was just wanted to highlight that Jk Rowlings got what she got because of her hard work and what she gave to the world. 

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