OCR Academy 28 Day No Complaining Challenge - 2 Perfectionism


Perfectionism  @#$% perfect. 

Perfect people don’t exist. 

Perfect scores do. 

If someone tells you they are perfect, or show that they are, how can you relate to somebody like that? 

We all have our own insecurities, maybe you’re a gym owner and feel you have to have a certain look, big arms, giant shoulders, amazing quads, calf’s, gluteus, ABS.. and Big arms, did we say that already? 

Maybe you have been insecure about the bags under your eyes, or you have acne, bald, skinny wrists and ankles, and maybe small biceps. 

Hopefully after this bootcamp you will realize that you’re more than those physical attributes, that’s your ego talking (as the ego relates to your physical body, and is motivated by fear and hates to be uncomfortable as that’s where real growth comes from). 

But your self leads with Love, and as long as you’re  Happy, then that’s what matters. Say it, I am happy with such and such. I feel God made only so many perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair. My acne? 

Just stories of a young man trying to get comfortable in his own skin and learning that drinking more water than juice is a good thing. Small ankles, small arms? Well I got a great ass and a fantastic chiseled chest that looks like they were picked off a Greek god sculpture. Watch me peacock with pride. 

If you realize that Nobody’s judging you and even if they are, you shouldn’t care . What you should Care about is that I am happy. I am happy with myself. 

I’m happy with the way that I feel today, and I am happy with what I am presenting to the world. 

I don’t care what you think and you shouldn’t care what other people think because you do not need their validation to be happy.